Translated: Mom Shamed for Breastfeeding in Public at a park

On April 15th, my birthday no less, the Univision 34 Los Angeles FB page posted this video of a public breastfeeding incident, recorded as it was happening. It angers me, but it also shows me even more why your Pledge to Normalize Breastfeeding is so incredibly important.

Click to watch the video,  translation below.


Woman: “There are kids here miss! They shouldn’t see the breast in a place like this. This is what you do in your house. And what, and what??!!”

Mother: “And what, this is something very natural”

Woman: “No,’s not natural when, people are watching you. Look, a boy, kids, kids, and men!”

Man: “You need to be more responsible!”

Mother: “How is this irresponsible when I am just feeding my child?”

Woman: “Well do it in your house! In your house! That’s enough, get out of here, get out of here! Do you see my husband looking at you like ‘ooh she looks tasty!’ “

Mother: ” “I am calmly feeding my child. Ok,” she DOES NOT BREAK BABY’S LATCH, but instead she covers herself and picks up her stuff to leave.

 Woman: “Look at the kids! You’re hard headed, I don’t know what you were thinking. Enough, get out of here, and keep that nastiness at home!”

Then the man spits at her and calls her a slut!

This video has now been viewed over 1 million times around the world. There are claims that these are actors and that Univision is trying to cause a stir, however even if that were true ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This woman should have focused her negativity and anger on her husband who was obviously WATCHING this mother breastfeed her child. She should have pointed the finger at him while proclaiming how disgusted she was about this matter.

Our society praises women who parade around in their underwear, but if she needs to use her body to nourish her child it is publicly deemed unacceptable and opened up to the public opinion to make hateful remarks toward the mother for her decision to exclusively breastfeed. What kind of a society is this that uplifts the sexualization of body parts and shames the physiological necessity of that same body part. Where can you go to find drugs and prostitution on every urban street corner,  yet never be allowed to see a mother nursing her child (covered or uncovered) without being harassed? America, that’s where.

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Any thoughts?