Breast Milk Jewelry – New Year’s Giveaway

Let me start by saying breast milk is AWESOME. Not only is it the perfect blend of nutrients and antibodies, it has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and disease fighting properties. Breast milk can be used to treat eczema, pink eye, sties, ear infections, scrapes, rashes, and even itchy bug bites. Recent studies have even shown that breast milk contains proteins that attack cancer cells. Although I have known all of this for quite some time, I never considered that it could also maintain a stunning physical quality with such elegance and beauty.

For so many reasons, we are so excited to promote this New Year’s Giveaway with our big-hearted friend, Kyra Brooks, at Indigo Willow Breast Milk Jewelry and Keepsakes! When Kyra contacted me about working together on this giveaway, I was excited to see what all of the hype was about. Believe me, I had my doubts about using it as a piece of jewelry because I have a very specific taste in vintage jewelry and I usually only wear white gold for modern jewelry.

She assured me that if I shared a picture of my favorite necklace that she would do all she could to help me find a pendant that I adored. And I did. I fell in love with the Cascading Pearls Breast Milk Pendant (natural milk color). I really felt like this pendant would signify my years of experience from breastfeeding my 3 children and the long road that brought me to finally exclusively breastfeed my youngest after my terrible bout with postpartum depression and supplementing with formula. So we began the process:

I pumped some milk (you only need to hand express a few tablespoons).


I bagged my freshly pumped milk in a Lashinoh Mother’s Milk Bag.


Then, I triple bagged it in 2 additional Ziploc bags to ensure that it wouldn’t spill or leak in transit.


Finally, I put it in the refrigerator until I had time to run to the post office.


A few days later, I headed out to mail my milk to Kyra.


I decided to send it priority since she was on a holiday order crunch. This also gave me a tracking number.


Yesterday, I received an overnight package with this absolutely stunning transformation of my precious milk inside!


From the box, to the card, and the message, I was overwhelmed with emotions.


Look at the preserved sustenance that has enabled me to keep three people alive and well in this world.


What an amazing way to celebrate my breastfeeding journey. We are only 28 days away from completing 2 years.


You will NOT be disappointed if you win this giveaway or place an order from Indigo Willow. Kyra offered amazing customer service, she kept the communication open and she was so right when she told me that the mobile photos did not do the necklace justice. My whole family, including the three children who the breast milk pearls represent were completely astounded at the beauty that could come from a liquid that has already brought us all so much joy. This necklace will be treasured for the rest of my life, I am going to order a new pearl for each new baby in the future, and I plan to hand it down to my daughter to remind her of the struggles that I endured to successfully breastfeed my children. This would also make an AMAZING gift if any of our Dads are stopping in to take a look!

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  1. So thrilled to see this terrific article. All moms deserve to make an informed feeding decision and achieve their personal goals without being undermined by predatory marketing. Awareness of the International Code (WHO Code) is growing exponentially, and more and more companies, media outlets and nonprofits are joining the CARE-Code Alliance. We will prevail, and are proud to stand with you!

  2. Vanessa, I applaud your decision to disallow Lansinoh from participating in your tour. The only way we’re going to change the current climate of predatory marketing to mothers is if these industries feel it in their wallets. You have my full support!

  3. Jodine Chase says:

    Thank you for taking a strong and principled stance in the face of a lot of pressure to give in and accept sponsorship dollars from entities who practice unethical marketing tactics. You are doing amazing work!

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