Breastfeeding & Lead Exposure (WJRT, ABC 12)

To all of the breastfeeding moms in Flint, Michigan, please be encouraged. Nursing is still a healthy option for you and your baby. Contact the Michigan Breastfeeding Network for more information.

“Breastfeeding is almost always the best option for both mothers and babies – despite lead exposure.

“During environment disasters, such as this, nature has provided its own filter. And in fact the mother’s body actually protects the baby from exposure to the environmental contaminant – in this case lead,” said Dr. Paula Schrek with the Michigan Breastfeeding Network. – WRJT

  1. So thrilled to see this terrific article. All moms deserve to make an informed feeding decision and achieve their personal goals without being undermined by predatory marketing. Awareness of the International Code (WHO Code) is growing exponentially, and more and more companies, media outlets and nonprofits are joining the CARE-Code Alliance. We will prevail, and are proud to stand with you!

  2. Vanessa, I applaud your decision to disallow Lansinoh from participating in your tour. The only way we’re going to change the current climate of predatory marketing to mothers is if these industries feel it in their wallets. You have my full support!

  3. Jodine Chase says:

    Thank you for taking a strong and principled stance in the face of a lot of pressure to give in and accept sponsorship dollars from entities who practice unethical marketing tactics. You are doing amazing work!

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