Breastfeeding & Lead Exposure (WJRT, ABC 12)

To all of the breastfeeding moms in Flint, Michigan, please be encouraged. Nursing is still a healthy option for you and your baby. Contact the Michigan Breastfeeding Network for more information.

“Breastfeeding is almost always the best option for both mothers and babies – despite lead exposure.

“During environment disasters, such as this, nature has provided its own filter. And in fact the mother’s body actually protects the baby from exposure to the environmental contaminant – in this case lead,” said Dr. Paula Schrek with the Michigan Breastfeeding Network. – WRJT

  1. momma Ana says:

    Excellent photography depicting breasfeeding!

  2. Gabby says:

    The beauty of your work and the metaphor it portrays brings tears to my eyes. The images definitely take me to a place were I can relate too and can appreciate more what breastfeeding mommas are doing. These images are a great way to help normalize breastfeeding. Keep it up!

Any thoughts?