Press Release: 2nd Annual “Normalize Breastfeeding Day”

June 27, 2016 is our 2nd Annual Pledge Event – #idtNBF16 the International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding. Join us as we collaborate with organizations worldwide to celebrate the launch of this project two years ago. In 2015, the event reached more than 185,000 users on Facebook alone. A total of 4,962 people participated, last year, in sharing memes that state their pledge, while some even updated their profile pictures to make their pledge known. This special day has officially been proclaimed by the mayors of the following cities to be celebrated next monday as “Normalize Breastfeeding Day“:

San Diego, CA

Fort Myers, FL


Philadelphia, PA


Austin, TX


and Charlotte, NC!!!

A huge thank you goes out to all of our local contacts in these cities who volunteered and a special thanks goes out to my #idtNBF Volunteer, Stephanie Persinger, who submitted the proclamation to over 20 mayor’s offices across the country.


The 2016 theme for International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding is Nurse, Pump, Donate! The intention of the worldwide online event this year is to encourage mothers to give the gift of breast milk to their baby longer, using one or a combination of all three delivery methods. Understandably, not every mother can breastfeed and not every mother has breast milk. However, even more mothers are unaware of the benefits of using donated breast milk. This is known as breast milk feeding, and the benefits are endless. Although we are often told to breastfeed for at least six months by our pediatricians, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding as an optimal source of infant nutrition for a minimum of 2 years.

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Moreover, between 12-23 months old, baby is actually receiving many nutritional benefits from breast milk, regardless of what we have been taught about its “expiration” from health professionals over the years. Read 49 more reasons to breastfeed your toddler:



1) Take the Pledge as a mom/supporter
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2) Take pride in this pledge event with V-neck T-shirt! The pledge fundraiser will help fund the official Normalize Breastfeeding #NBFtour with your support! *Get your shirt by 6/19 to receive it by 6/27! Our goal this year is 250 shirts to help fund the first international tour stop. When you purchase your shirt your name will be added to the website as a “Thank You” for your generous support.



3) Take the Pledge as a Business & Help Spread the Word as a Virtual Co-Host:

Current Co-Hosts:
Candid Perspective Photography
Breastfeeding Portrait Photography
Breastfeeding is a Btch, But We Lovingly Do it Anyway by Cassi Clark
Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association
Breastfeeding Moms Fight Back
Breastfeeding Mama Talk
Lactivist In Louboutins
The Milk Bank

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Why 6/27/15? This day will mark the 2 year anniversary of the launch of the normalize breastfeeding photo project and the beginning of my journey as a professional Breastfeeding Portrait Photographer, only 4 years into my professional photography career. My dream is to go on an international photo tour to connect our #NBFmamas to baby-friendly hospitals, lactation peer support within their local communities and collaborate worldwide with local businesses document breastfeeding families. Plan a tour stop in your local area:


To document diverse variations of normal breastfeeding, across cultures and delivery methods of breast milk.

A movement uniting all moms of all feeding styles to normalize breastfeeding and remove the taboo from modern society.




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Get involved and lift your voice worldwide on June 27th! Feel free to right click or long press the memes below to download and share!

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#NBFtour Collaborators

Sarah Carp, 3 Participants, 1st Grade Teacher
Kristyna Cleek, 1 Participant, Studying for IBLCE

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