EVENT: Charlotte, NC #NBFtour

We are pleased to announce that the Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center will be sponsoring our tour efforts in Charlotte, North Carolina. The best part about this tour stop is that it is where our largest local chapter has grown to over 500 members online in only about 18 months! It is quite an on honor to be recognized by their hospital in this way. The weekend will be filled with activities for professionals and families in the community. On Saturday morning there will be a free resource fair on the hospital grounds. That same afternoon we will hold the popular Normalize Breastfeeding Tour group photo session to represent breastfeeding in the city of Charlotte! We are looking forward to seeing you there. We encourage early registration to take advantage of the affordable payment plan option. Take this opportunity to share this post if you are not in the local area. Let’s show the world that Charlotte breastfeeds and that its community supports breastfeeding in public according to the state law.

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Breastfeeding, exclusively pumping/bottle feeding, donor milk bottle feeding, supplemental nursing system feeding, low supply supplementing with formula feeding are ALL INCLUDED in this project. If you are not currently breastfeeding, or have never breastfed, but are looking to update your family photos this is a great opportunity to do so and also support the effort to normalize breastfeeding in your city. If you are a business owner looking to update your headshot or purchase commercial images for your company or brand, you’re more than welcome to get involved or sponsor a participant as well!

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  1. marita says:

    Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel good knowing that there are other women enjoying breastfeeding.

  2. sheila beadling says:

    As a practicing photographer and advocate for the normalization of breastfeeding, I had to take the time to let you know that I love this set of photos! They exquisitely document your personal toddler nursing experience and are truly beautiful! Well done.

    I’m currently nursing my second at fourteen months and big sis was a champion nurser, going till 2 1/2 🙂

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