Vanessa A. Simmons is the founder of the Normalize Breastfeeding movement. The concept of “normalizing breastfeeding” has been around since the 70’s among breastfeeding support groups like La Leche League. In 2014, Simmons felt compelled to organize the #normalizebreastfeeding movement on Facebook while she was nursing her youngest child. She simultaneously created the #normalizebfing hashtag to help followers sift through hundreds of thousands of tagged social media posts that were helping to push for awareness worldwide! She aimed to promote this worldwide goal to make breastfeeding the norm. She has been a breastfeeding advocate since she became a mother in 2007 after struggling to breastfeed her first child, suffering from postpartum depression/psychosis, and even after she was forced to wean and formula feed because of the harsh medications she was prescribed. Vanessa is a first generation Ghanaian-American woman. She has always offered help to any breastfeeding mom who needed it and requested assistance. She is now formally trained in lactation as a Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor, she is a Commercial Portrait Photographer, a Branding Consultant, and a Social Media Strategist. She aims to create imagery that promotes the normalcy of infant feeding. Her focus is to capture diverse variations of normal breastfeeding. Vanessa Simmons has taken a stand against black breastfeeding rates by exclusively breastfeeding her youngest son for 14 months. She breastfed him for 3 years because she refused to just be another statistic. She has been featured for her viral blog posts and photographs on media outlets worldwide. Simmons currently lives in San Diego with her husband and three children who were all breastfed for a minimum of 6 months.

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To promote the act of publicly feeding infants breast milk, in order to change the modern perception that breastfeeding is an intimate or private act, to positively impact public health initiatives.

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A movement that inspires families to meet their infant feeding goals.

Every family looks diffent.
Every family needs encouragement.
Every Baby needs nourishment.
Every Toddler needs to be comforted.
Every Child needs to feel secure
that the bond they share with their parents will be honored and adored.

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