Telling your story will change the way others see breastfeeding in the future. Imagine new mothers, in 5-10 years, coming here for encouragement only to find breastfeeding stories of difficulty and struggle which led to triumph, to help them push through and successfully breastfeed their babies.

Will you help normalize breastfeeding today? Share your breastfeeding story to be featured on our blog. Details below.


To be featured, please submit your final draft, proofread, and Titled breastfeeding story of 1-2 pages with 3-5 clear images! Use the Subject: Be Featured. By submitting your information above, you are providing a full commercial release of the reuse of your story and images for the promotion of this organization. There is no guarantee that your story will be featured, but you will be contacted with the link once available if it is selected. You can also find more information about being photographed here. Your images and may also be featured in printed and promotional materials as well, there is no guarantee that your images/story will appear in any specific place. If your images are copyrighted by a professional photographer please provide their contact information so that we may to request permission for reuse and provide appropriate attribution. 


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