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Be photographed for the official Normalize Breastfeeding photo project, by Candid Perspective Photography, to help spread awareness of this important cause.

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[reveal title=”Why Breastfeeding Photography?” color=”red” css_animation=”left-to-right”]Why Breastfeeding Photography?

There are too many reasons, but here are a few really great ones:

  • Capture moments that mirror your story exactly as it happening and create art that is irreplaceable
  • Breastfeeding is a big step into motherhood – and honestly, it might be the most difficult step (a runner up to the birth).
  • Babies grow up so fast. If you are nursing, pumping, tandem breastfeeding, full term breastfeeding, it is so important to capture these memories.
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Why Vanessa Simmons?

Work with a professional who has struggled to exclusively breastfeed her 3rd child:

In 2010, Professional Photographer, Vanessa Simmons had given birth to her daughter, her 2nd child. She sought out things that would calm her, as she faced the fear of the possibility that postpartum depression and psychosis – which she had with her 1st child, would return. She turned to photography, which she studied and excelled in during her freshman year at Eastlake High School. She fell in love with the memories she was able to capture of her own family and decided to go back to school to study professional photography at Southwestern College. She has been taught by the one of the best Advertising & Editorial Photographers in the industry, and she interned for another very successful photographer as well. While she was in awe of their work, she wanted to use her talent to represent her passion for motherhood. After giving birth to her 3rd child in January 2010, that summer she began to experience the lack of normalcy toward uncovered public breastfeeding because her son refused to be covered. She then founded NormalizeBreastfeeding.org and is now the Primary Producer of all campaign media for advertising and editorial purposes via Candid Perspective Photography. [/reveal][reveal title=”Why should I share my story?” color=”red” css_animation=”left-to-right”]Why should I share my story?

As families who have chosen to breastfeed, we need to support each other.

From knowing how to properly latch our baby to knowing our state laws and rights regarding breastfeeding, it is so important we share our stories from a personal view, rather than how they can be portrayed in the media. Think about the mom who is desperate for encouragement at 5 am with a sleepless baby. She turns to social media for advice and comes across a shared story on our blog. It’s YOU telling her exactly what she needs to know right down to dealing with all of the same struggles (low supply, mastitis, engorgement etc.).

You should share your story for HER. This archive of stories, images, and videos will be the online support to help her keep at it.[/reveal][reveal title=”Why Now?” color=”red” css_animation=”left-to-right”]Why Now?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If this breastfeeding media campaign is successful, in 5-10 years we will no longer need to normalize breastfeeding! Review the tour dates or contact us to get your location on the schedule.[/reveal]


Any thoughts?

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