Milk Not War Crew


Join our peaceful protest to stand up for the most basic human right, a mother’s biological norm for nourishing their baby and baby’s optimal first-food. This isn’t about arguing, shaming or judging moms for their infant choices, it’s about coming together no matter how we feed our babies to ensure that all moms and all babies are given the opportunity, respect, and support to initiate and establish breastfeeding, whether that is at birth or anytime thereafter.



Breast milk feeding is considered optimal according to all of the current research studies, however supporting moms where they are in their journey, is the first and most misunderstood step in the process of offering support. It may seem easy to share the passion you have developed for this useful life skill that you have been able to develop, but not everyone’s situation is the same. It is more important to stand together as moms through the good and the bad; through thick and thin. We cannot look down on other moms for their CHOICES. Women before us voted and fought for the privilege to have those choices to make.


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