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After the sudden death of Liz Marquez, mother of 5 including 5 month old breastfed baby Brixton, Kristina Pulistar set out on a very important mission: to help Brixton reach his mother’s breastfeeding goal of 1 year. She started the Milk for Brixton milk drive through email communication and the closed Facebook Group. She helped the Marquez family to raise funds for a deep freezer to store the donated milk, set up hosts around LA County to host the excess milk, and even received a supportive donation of gas cards for the “runners” dropping off and picking up the donating milk from actress, Alyssa Milano. 


Kristina & Son

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RIP Liz Marquez

Here you will find the original story about the Marquez family’s loss of their loving wife and mother, stories from the mothers who are donating, and you can also subscribe to updates about the project, or contact Kristina directly.

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