The Normalize Breastfeeding project was initiated in June 2014 by Vanessa A. Simmons of Candid Perspective Photography. The tour is the travel component of project. Members can participate to help bring the tour to their city. During the weekend of events, different aspects of breastfeeding support and community building activities are documented. The experience encourages ALL moms to Take the Pledge in support of breastfeeding mothers, on (06/27/17) International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding. This tour was created to help our members to build and connect with the breastfeeding community in their area.

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Loving support in early postpartum.

Out for coffee at Morning Call.

A little toddler gymnurstics!


The impassioned photographer travels around the country as a part of her Normalize Breastfeeding Tour, and the photos she took of a group a women in their Army, Navy, and Air Force uniforms during a stop in Washington DC are truly stunning. –Popsugar.

Very soon registration will open and you will have the opportunity to participate in the official Normalize Breastfeeding Tour. Sign up below to receive notifications about your location or to request that the tour come to your city. 

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Nursing in the NICU


Our local chapters worldwide meetup quarterly to get to know each other in person. The goal is to use this tour to help them build their breastfeeding communities from the ground up.

Beautiful images of local families captured during the Normalize Breastfeeding Tour will represent diverse variations of normal breastfeeding from all around the world. The images may be seen commercially in local Hospitals, via Breastfeeding Organizations, and via breastfeeding support groups with the permission of the mother. This is where these images will make the most impact in our communities.

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Supportive Dad enjoying a nursing moment.


Tour dates can range from a 1-3 day event. Simmons takes a photojournalistic approach to capturing professional portraits in a relaxed-fashion, while documenting her trip. The speaking event, featuring an intimate sharing of her breastfeeding story, is held at a local hospital to speak directly to clinicians who aren’t typically exposed to patient stories. She also touches on the current status of normalizing breastfeeding in the U.S, and how her photography laid the foundation for this project.

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2016 #NBFtour Stops

Breastfeeding In Combat Boots at the Jefferson Memorial – Washington, DC


Members and employees of your local Breastfeeding Coalition, WIC, Hospitals, Lactation Professionals, Breastfeeding Support Groups, Photographers, and Vendors who seek to build a strong breastfeeding-friendly community are encouraged to support moms with a scholarship donation to cover their participation fees. You can also help to support the event weekend by providing a venue within the community. Vanessa will also be available for commercial booking for businesses; however, availability will be very limited. Commercial bookings will need to be confirmed 60 days in advance to ensure travel dates are secure.

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2016 #NBFtour Collaborators


We appreciate those who have supported our cause to bring about change by shopping with us. So far our project has been funded solely by tour participants, exclusive items in our shop, and local baby-friendly hospitals.

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